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Pre-conference Technology Clinic, in association with ICMAN 5
Thursday 13th October, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre,
Supported by The Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation in association with the University of Southern Queensland and The University of Queensland

 Cost: $77.00 per person inclsuive of GST.


Health is one of the prime consumer drivers when it comes to food purchase and functional foods are a fast growing trend in today’s competitive markets.  Major food companies are catching this trend by turning from being agri-food businesses to delivering R&D-driven nutrition, health and wellness products. Growers and producers are also looking to feature health attributes of their products to give them market advantage. Many SME’s are supplying or could develop health ingredients for food, cosmetic and therapeutic applications.

Companies can find they lack the depth of in-house expertise needed to make decisions and control the risks associated with investment in these areas.  Researchers are likewise challenged by how to optimally work with industry to translate good ideas into reality.

This TechClinic is therefore to: 

  • Help familiarise companies and researchers with the issues involved in developing,  testing and marketing functional foods and bioactive ingredients
  • Give an appreciation of the types of health research and testing that can be contracted and the value of these various approaches
  • Raise the issues and barriers to industry progress
  • Seek mutual understanding of how researchers and industry can better interact to exploit ideas and develop projects
  • Determine what opportunities are available for collective actions to progress the industry

Who should attend?

  • Company managers, marketers, quality assurance and R&D personnel seeking to improve their ability to operate in the functional foods space
  • Researchers and innovators seeking to better understand how to interact with industry and grab opportunities to turn functional food research ideas into reality in this area.
  • Regulators and policy makers seeking to better work with industry

To download the Clinic's complete flyer including the below programme, click here.



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