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We are now calling for sponsors and exhibitors for the
Fifth International Conference on Mechanisms of Action of Nutraceuticals
to be held in Brisbane, Australia on 13-15 October, 2011

ICMAN5 is set to attract leading national and international researchers, clinicians and pharmacists as well as industry and government leaders, to discuss the latest developments involving nutraceuticals in basic research and clinical applications relevant to the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and conditions; and the impact on the development of therapies through plenary sessions, breakout seminars, posters and trade exhibitions.

This is your chance to ensure that your company receives significant exposure to several hundred key State, National and International representatives at what is set to become a cornerstone event for the life sciences industry in Queensland and Australia.

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The Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre –Queensland (APCRC-Q) is an integrated, trans-disciplinary, and comprehensive prostate cancer research centre, which aims to develop biomarkers to assist in clinical decision making and create and evaluate new therapeutics for advanced prostate cancer.
APCRC-Q is a federally funded partnership between Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology, and Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Translating our research from the bench to the bedside requires a diverse range of collaborations, including our leading role in the Australian-Canadian Prostate Cancer Research Alliance, which provides resources and expertise to accelerate prostate cancer research discoveries.

For more information, please visit



 BioAssayLINK ( is the first online linking service for discovery and preclinical research services; described as the 'expedia' or 'wotif' of new therapeutic R&D. Industry seekers' can quickly find their outsourcing and collaborative partners that meet their specific needs. Our focus is early stage R&D such as drug and small molecule discovery, biomedical research and preclinical/non-clinical. Our solution provides a rapid, cost effective and customer-specific way for seekers to connect with specialized providers to improve their effectiveness and efficiency. BioAssayLINK is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia with distribution networks and affiliates in the United States of America and the United Kingdom and constantly expanding.



BIO-GRAPE NUTRACEUTICALS ( Australia ), BIO-GRAPE FOODS UK LTD ( Europe ) and BIO-GRAPE NUTRACEUTICALS LLC ( North America ) are wholly owned subsidiaries of Australian Harvest Fine Foods Pty Ltd.
The BIO-GRAPE (Life from the Grape) range of delicious certified organic functional foods are based on the over 600 red wine Polyphenol Antioxidants recycled from the skin and seed of red wine grapes.
Martin Cheney who designed the BIO-GRAPE Brand has work in the Nutraceutical Industry for thirty years founding brands like BIO-ORGANICS in the early eighties and launching Omega 3 fish oil, Amino Acids and Antioxidants onto The Australian Market.

Australian Harvest Fine Foods holds Certified Organic accreditations from:

  • United States Department of Agriculture NOP
  • International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements IFOAM
  • Australian Certified Organic ACO
  • Japanese Agricultural Standards JAS
  • Canadian Organic Certification COR

Contact: Martin Cheney

BIO-GRAPE is a registered Trade Mark




Clinical Network Services (CNS) is a Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) specialising in the conduct of Phase I & II clinical trials in Australia. We are a profitable, privately-owned CRO serving the needs of small/small-medium sized local and international biotech/biopharmaceutical companies. With more than a decade of experience conducting early stage trials, we have gained a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face and their need to develop novel therapeutics cost and very time-effectively. CNS offers a full range of services under our “Fast2First” brand and will soon be expanding our service portfolio with the upcoming launch of ”BioDesk”.


For over 100 years, the Elsevier name has represented a dedication to excellence in the exchange of information.

Today, Elsevier remains committed to that mission and has grown into an information provider of global proportions with offices around the world. Elsevier has become the undisputed market leader in the publication and dissemination of literature covering the broad spectrum of health and scientific endeavours.

The world's premier names in health care publishing - Saunders, Mosby, and Churchill Livingstone are all members of the Elsevier team of leading publishers dedicated to meeting the information needs of health science professionals.

Elsevier Australia is a dedicated publisher of textbooks for the Australian and New Zealand market. Our offerings include not only books, but assessment solutions and an increasing volume of electronic content.

Working with the most respected researchers, academics and professionals in Australia and New Zealand, Elsevier Australia has set a high standard for quality.


Griffith is a research intensive University with a growing national and international profile for innovative and interdisciplinary research.

Drug discovery is a key area of research and strategic investment for our University.  An important part of our drug discovery capabilities is the Eskitis Institute’s ‘Nature Bank’ - a unique repository of chemical diversity derived from the megabiodiverse regions in Australia, Papua New Guinea and China.

Nature Bank is available for drug discovery partnerships with academic and industry groups. 

For more information on Nature Bank and the new Nature Bank website visit our stand or go to


Jamix is a Finnish software company, new to Australia specializing in applications for your catering and stock designed to manage the complete food production chain, including cost calculations, vital nutritional planning for professional kitchens, restaurants, internal logistics and facility bookings.
Jamix enables management to monitor profitability, maintain consistent recipes and menus protecting intellectual property, excellent reporting, nutritional values, ingredient rationalization, with barcode stock management and online stock ordering to suppliers.
Management will have the business planning tools to evaluate kitchens as a whole right down to ingredients accountability.
Jamix in Australia has been working with many aged-care centres, schools, restaurants and large kitchens with Jamix Food, Nutrition and Stock software helping them manage their kitchens and suppliers with online ordering, costs and nutrition.


Manitoba Agri-Health Research Network Inc (MAHRN) tests and assesses plant and animal-based bioactive compounds, from isolation and characterization through clinical proof of safety and efficacy to product development and commercialization. MAHRN's research, development and commercialization activities are anchored by world-class facilities including Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine (CCARM); Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (RCFFN) and Food Development Centre (FDC).  MAHRN has formed commercial partnerships with grower organizations, small businesses and international organizations who share our commitment to advancing quality of life through the provision of research supported healthy food and food ingredients.


The National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM) is a not-for-profit organisation facilitating the research, education and practice of integrative medicine. Based in Melbourne, NIIM runs online courses in ‘Complementary Medicine and Health’ for healthcare practitioners and the public. Also, NIIM offers free public health lectures and conducts research into the safety and efficacy of complementary therapies. The NIIM Clinic has an unparalleled team of integrative medical doctors and healthcare practitioners providing a wide range of clinic services with the latest screening, evidence-based conventional and complementary treatments offering patients the best in complete healthcare. Please visit our website:



The Office of Health and Medical Research (OHMR), within the Centre for Healthcare Improvement, Queensland Health, was established as part of the Queensland Government’s $25.65 million Research for a healthier future: 2020 Health and Medical Research and Development Strategy. The OHMR provides direction and support for Queensland’s health and medical research development, with the ultimate goal of improving the health and wealth of Queenslanders, through three key initiatives, these are: support our people – recruit, develop and retain a skilled health research workforce; promote the transfer of knowledge in to improved health and wealth; and provide clear leadership and promote collaboration.

The OHMR fosters the health and medical research sector by providing the right environment and support for research and development through the following programs:

  • $20.55 million Health Research Fellowship Program - increasing the amount of research undertaken in Queensland Health facilities.
  • ‘Bridging the Gap’ series - providing multiple opportunities for research collaboration including but not limited to Queensland Health facilities, universities, institutes, industry and research foundations.
  • Queensland Health intellectual property guidance and education - reducing the gap between discovery and clinical practice
  • Streamlining of administrative and regulatory process for research ethics and governance in Queensland Health facilities - making the ethics process quicker and easier to reduce the impact on health and medical research while maintaining quality and safety for patients.

In summary, the OHMR aims to be the bridge between research and clinical practice — ‘bench to bedside’ — to ensure the health and medical research sector in Queensland delivers on the promise of making Queenslanders Australia's healthiest people.

Contact the Office of Health and Medical Research   |   |   Phone: +61 7 3405 6121



 The Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) brings together specialist knowledge, networks and services to work with significant businesses and industry sectors. In this way it will help deliver an economy and way of life to benefit all Queenslanders.
With more than 5000 staff, DEEDI offers a range of services to individuals and businesses in all regions across the State including business capability development, investment and trade, technical support and innovative solutions for the entire supply chain, marketing and promotional opportunities, assistance in gaining access to resources and markets, licences, permits and certification, access to applied research and development and help with compliance to standards, codes and regulations.



The largest pharmaceutical company in Europe and the fourth largest worldwide, Sanofi is a diversified global healthcare leader focused on patient and consumer needs.

In Australia, the Brisbane based, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare business, is one of the country’s largest manufacturers and distributors of quality vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements and one of the country’s major distributors of well known over the counter products.

Sanofi Consumer Healthcare’s easily recognised brands, including Nature’s Own, Cenovis, Ostelin, Bio-Organics, Telfast, Gastrolyte, Mersyndol, Betadine and others, can be found in more than 8,400 pharmacies, health food stores and grocery outlets in Australia and in many more across Asia and New Zealand.

The Sanofi Consumer Healthcare team prides itself on being at the forefront of high quality new product development and manufacturing. Their commitment to high standards ensures the continued delivery of quality healthcare products for their customers, because health matters.


Foods. Super Fast.

Getting your daily dose of fresh fruits and vegetables has never been easier!
Super Sprout is a wholly owned and operated Australian company which produces 100% pure fruit and vegetable powders. Our factory is based in Victoria and we are proud to say that all produce used in our 100% pure powders are locally grown in Australia. The majority of our range is Australian Certified Organic. Product range includes 10 great varieties of super foods including; Broccoli Sprout Powder, Beetroot and Blueberry. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to use.
100% Pure. No Additives. No Artificial Flavours. No Artificial Colours. Proudly Australian Made. 



TetraQ is an experienced preclinical contract research organisation embedded in a university based preclinical drug development research centre. TetraQ's broad range of high quality integrated preclinical testing services and R&D services are in four areas: Efficacy Assessments (disease models), Toxicology, ADME-Bioanalysis, and Pharmaceutics, and are backed up by in-depth technical-scientific expertise and experience in (nutraceutical) drug development. TetraQ has ISO 17025 (R&D) accreditation and GLP recognition which allows TetraQ’s Bioanalytical and Toxicology work to be accepted internationally for regulatory review. TetraQ has successfully conducted preclinical drug development projects with industry partners in different therapeutic areas for many years.

Functional Foods Weekly is a strategic journal and comprehensive intelligence on consumer and market trends, new products and ingredients, and regulations on functional foods and nutraceuticals. The Weekly is compiled from the analysis of over 500 resources each week and forms an integral part of market intelligence by several food companies worldwide. If you are involved in manufacture, processing or marketing of functional foods, beverages, dairy products, nutritional and nutraceutical ingredients, you could significantly benefit from the subscription to the Functional Foods Weekly.
For discounted subscription rates to for ICMAN5 participants, please contact: or visit: 

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