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Dear Colleagues and Friends:

Brisbane, Australia offers an exciting prospect as the venue for ICMAN5. I was very pleased to personally deliver the good news of its selection, on behalf of the International Council, to Anna Bligh, the Premier of Queensland, who graciously accepted the hosting role together with the local Organizing Committee and sponsors. It was a moment that put into proper perspective the development of ICMAN since its initial conference in 2001 at Cavtat, Croatia, under the auspices of the Rudjer Boskovic Institute.

There is much that is special about ICMAN5. It is the first conference in the Southern Hemisphere and in the Asia-Pacific Region. The spirit of innovation and breaking new  ground has found fertile  environments in the countries of the region, nowhere more so than in Australia.  How promising is the way that medical science and research is supported by the public and private sector and how prevention and therapy applications are actively pursued by a wide range of well-trained practitioners. For ICMAN, the respected role of Nutraceuticals in  Australian healthcare and wellness is an inspiration for all who work in the fields around the world.

We strongly recommend that our loyal attendees from past ICMANs join us this coming October in Brisbane, especially if this is the first opportunity to travel Down Under and experience the warm hospitality of our Australian colleagues. Equally pleasurable will be to welcome first-timers from the region, few of whom were able to attend prior meetings in Croatia, Austria, the U.S. and Israel. For all, the appeal of ICMAN remains the quality of the program and the unique opportunity to participate in a unique meeting of leading lights sharing current knowledge and experience from the several fields comprising ICMAN.

I look forward to greeting each reader of this message at ICMAN5 in Brisbane and want to thank our hosts and organizers for giving us so much to look forward to.

Aaron Etra
International Council of ICMAN


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Dear Colleagues and Friends:

As host of ICMAN5, Queensland Clinical Trials Network Inc. (QCTN) is pleased to invite submissions for topics, themes, speakers and sponsors for the 5th International Conference on Mechanisms of Action of Nutraceuticals (ICMAN5). In particular, we invite submissions from Asia-Pacific based organisations and institutes. The conference will be held in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 13-15 October 2011.

QCTN is a not-for-profit, incorporated industry group of world-class preclinical and clinical trial providers who service the nutraceutical, biopharma and medical devices industries, in order to demonstrate a product’s safety and efficacy - and in order to satisfy Regulatory bodies and global markets alike.

It is this core mission of our members and our organisation that has helped us identify and seek to align our future with an organisation such as ICMAN. ICMAN’s basic talent of exploring the mechanisms of action of nutraceutical products fits consistently with QCTN’s philosophies and therefore made it a simple decision for us to seek to be appointed to host ICMAN5.

We see that our collaborative efforts to bring the conference to the Asia-Pacific region; as well as our extensive network of affiliates throughout the region; provide an excellent opportunity for ICMAN to establish an Asia-Pacific presence, co-hosted with QCTN.

The Asia-Pacific market accounted for 44% of global nutraceutical sales in 2006, compared to 32% for North America and 14% for Western Europe. Within Australia, the estimated worth of complementary medicines and nutraceuticals industry is AUD 1 billion, of which Queensland accounts for well over half.
Queensland is at the vanguard of complementary medicine research with the necessary
state-of-the-art research and development (R&D) infrastructure and the required scientific expertise and collaborations to run specialist trials.

I look forward to welcoming you to sunny Queensland – the Smart State - in October 2011.

Mario Pennisi
Chief Executive Officer
Queensland Clinical Trials Network Inc. (QCTN)

ICMAN5 Scientific Organising Committee

Prof. Ron Quinn
Dr. Koraljka Gall Troselj
Mr. Aaron Etra
Mr. Stuart Behncken
Ms. Rohini D'Souza
Prof. Beverly Glass
Mr. Amar Inamdar
Dr. Anita Matthias

Prof. Robin Mortimer
Mr. Mario Pennisi
Ms. Clare Schodel
Prof. Maree Smith
Dr. Roger Stanley
Dr. Evelin Tiralongo
Dr. Luis Vitetta

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